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A dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to prove you’re a lady.
Edith Head

If you close your eyes and think of a dress, the first things that come to mind are color and shape.

But there’s something before that, something at the very basis of its perception. Its fabric. Fabric determines the way it will be worn. It is fabric that caresses hands and skin, drawing its image on the eyes of both its de-signer and its beholder.

It is then clear, especially in the custom-tailored world, where no stone is left unturned, how fabric is a very important component, the main character in clothing. The same model, made with two different fabrics, is actually two different clothes.

Sara Sabella pays careful attention to the entire production process, from the idea to the final implementa-tion. She knows the fabric makes the main difference. that’s why she personally chooses them all directly at the producer’s site, where she knows fabrics are of the highest quality. She touches, smells, breathes them. she chooses the most beautiful silk the most refined cotton the best hemp, the most treasured linen.

These are perfect fabrics, not made for the covers of the magazines. They are made to be worn, something that goes side by side with femininity and all its features. They please both sight and touch, and it is incredi-ble to see how, if creased with hands and then dropped, they are again as good as new, thanks to their warp and the absolute purity of the material.

They are breathable fabrics, that never wear out, are never heavy or wrap too much. They are high quality, natural fabrics. Most of them are chosen by Emilio & Renato D’Angelo Sas, owner of the Leadford & Logan brand, famous converters specialized in the distribution of fabrics for clothing.

Walking along this kaleidoscope of colors that fills both the eyes and the soul, it is easy to imagine the clothes. The way a fabric sounds between fingers suggests a cut, the lightness of a remnant gives birth to an ongoing vision. In the tailor’s mind, the dress is ready. All it takes are a few sketches to fix the most im-portant details of a vision that is already coming true and that, thanks to the savvy and dreaming hands of a good tailor, finally becomes reality.

And this is actually what happens. Every dress seems to be the perfect model. All you have to do is being able to listen to it. Every model is color in motion, something that caresses a woman’s body and meets peo-ple’s glances.


Sara Sabella knows a fabric tells the personality of the women who wear it, enhances her silhouette, accom-panies her movements. She knows the body and therefore the clothing are the first thing someone sees of us, which communicates way before we open our mouths, shake hands. our meeting with other people is made of words but also of our gestures and our colors.

Sara Sabella knows a dress is not a cover or a wrapping. it is a communication item, something that tells a story, the story of the woman who wears it, where the fabric models the way it wraps and falls on her curves, where warp follows her steps and her choices.

If you close your eyes and think of a dress, what you imagine is shape and color.

But if you close your eyes and think of a Sara Sabella’s dress, then you imagine a woman, her steps, a soft caress, the colors she shines on.

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