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For our design and our collections, we take inspiration from the surrounding environment. The island of Ischia becomes the main character of the clothes you are wearing. The colors of the sunset on the sea, the volcanic soil, the line of the horizon, are all an endless inspiration helping us make you wear the emotion of the wave crashing on the rocks, the heat of the sun on your skin, the breeze caressing your hair.


The sea, its kaleidoscopic colors. The soil, its bright shades of colors. The shades of green of the plants and the trees, the many nuances of the flowers. Picture yourself touching them, wearing them.
Imagine the happiness of a trip on a boat, the satisfaction after a good meeting, the romanticism of a walk in a garden.
Imagine you wearing the enchantment of those feelings directly on your skin, being able to feel them.


Now imagine a woman, seated on a terrace, watching the horizon, that far away, imperfect line separating and merging the sky and the sea, where all is possible.

A timeless woman who watches and projects flavors, savors and colors of a volcanic land, the cactus growing and blooming in the night, the texture of its rock and its flames.
With thin and well taken fingers she spins fragments of nature, flower evocations, suggestions of a landscape which make your steps lighter.
A woman imaging you, immersed in your life and your emotions, who passionately and with wisdom embroiders weaves of life while listening to the sea. Explosive, welcoming,stormy and sweet and only the sea can be.
She sights you, in that line where all is possible, and from the transparency of the wave she sews well-hung clothes like an experience hat identifies and paints your skin with the colors of the nature.
She glimpses your thoughts and borrows the blue of the endless spells of the sky and the sea. She closes her eyes and adorns your gait with a graceful balance. She weaves shades of turquoise and indigo, drawing and unexpected and original detail with a touch of ultramarine blue and periwinkle, making I precious with cobalt and light blue.

From her place between heaven and earth she listens to your thoughts of infinite, working on the deep and pure blue, making your shapes lighter, dematerializing your body to make it reach the passage between real and imaginary, from matter to imagination. She merges blue weaves with the white foam of the waves, suspended between the absence of color and the sum of all colors, between the overt world and
the real one and she makes an elegant fabric of extreme sartorial accuracy.
She makes a dress that rocks your curves and evokes the island’s plants, coloring your skin with green. The green that relaxes, mediates, erases contrasts. The green telling your rebirth as a woman, as a human being, as a part of the fertile and gentle nature.
Dressing you with the colors of spring and hope, imaging your body softly moving on mother earth.

Her hands stop and then start moving again, following the rhythm of the soul and the flow of needle and thread drawing new warp roundness with pastels, dynamic, tenuous and intense, marked by your passing.
She borrows shades of brown from the soil, with its expression of balance and sensuality. She sews the harmony of the earth on you, its feminine, warm and welcoming principle, stable and maternal, patient and yet not static –it regenerates you and gives your shining light back.
She follows your steps as you turn around to the tower, as you climb the steps of the church overlooking the sea, as you point to a sundown. She pains your face with polychromatic colors of the majolica tiles.
With sinuosity she follows the bends of your words, those which must be spoken loudly, those which must be whispered and those which must be kept light as a secret amulet.
Listen to the sound of your heels as they reach the harbor. Feeling the hot sand on your skin, the breeze on your face, the lightness of the sky, the harmony with this enchanted island.


Imagine the woman watching the horizon. Imagine yourself dressed with nature.
Imagine all of this could be real, thanks to a brand that makes its leitmotiv out of the bond with the colors of Ischia and the womanliness inside of you.

Imagine Sara Sabella Isola d’Ischia taking you by the hand, being born and dying in that delicate, intense encounter, to materialize in precious fabrics singing the wonders of this magic island and the wonders of you, walking around the world with the steps
of a fairy.

She dressed you with rain and wind, earth and sea, giving your journeys outfits enhancing your personality, thanks to the skillful suggestions of natural wonders.

We old you a tale. But before doing that, we made it.



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