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“Fashion must never decide who you are. Style decides who you are. And to perpetuate it. "

                                                                  (Quentin Crisp)


Fashion accessories and trimmings represent a fundamental element to stand out and to identify a precise style line. The right combination of accessories, rhinestones, embroidery and lace inserts can make the garments you wear unique and enhance the most fashionable features to the maximum. Through a careful search for the right bracelet, the most elegant necklace, the hat with the most suitable shape for your face, you can create a truly surprising outfit. Just as the handbag of the right color and the most particular shape, or a boutique accessory, can give a touch of elegance and originality, which emphasizes your personal style and your femininity, making you unique.

Hand made and attention to detail

Paying particular attention to attention to detail makes the difference in every field: even in clothing, a refined and chic hand-made accessory will contribute to a clearly visible and impactful effect on the entire look. Sara Sabella is well aware of this, so much so as to ensure the utmost commitment in the care of every single detail, starting from the accessories and trimmings, which complete her always young and original fashion proposal. The world of accessories takes up the warm themes of the Ischian sunsets, as well as the soft waves of the sea or the sweet and delicate evening breezes. A soft stole, a delicate silk foulard, elegant trimmings will make your outfit unique. You can choose the most suitable accessory for every occasion, showing off your femininity on social occasions, such as cocktails and evenings, or feeling beautiful only for yourself, during a quiet walk by the sea. Sara Sabella has for you the most suitable proposal for your every need: fashion accessories made by skilled fingers, able to perfectly combine the best materials and great aesthetic value.

Accessories made in Italy for top quality


Sara Sabella offers only accessories and trimmings of the highest quality, constantly respecting the artisan tradition of made in Italy, which is synonymous and guarantee of always top quality workmanship. With great attention paid to design and the major trends of the moment, Sara Sabella manages to combine each item of clothing with the perfect accessory and trimmings to obtain an amazing combination. 'Ischia, makes it possible to create fashion accessories with lively shades, bright and rich in iridescent shades: precisely that change of content that characterizes the most chic and elegant fashion in an individual way, is best expressed thanks to the combination of each accessory. It will thus be a joy to seek out the best combinations, choosing from time to time among the many options available, with an eye to elegance, the world of fashion and the sophisticated Mediterranean look.

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